Call for Membership

Mon Jun 21 2021

Call for Membership

Paluwa Pleaders is eager to invite a pool of legal research enthusiasts on board in our quest of promoting and institutionalizing the culture of legal research and discourse in Nepal. We have had an excellent group of individuals for the year 2020, joining us on our journey to make a valued contribution in the legal field.

For the year 2021, we seek dynamic individuals who are immensely interested in legal research and are dedicated to and/or have a proven record of experience and skill set in socio­-legal research, advocacy, leadership, organization, and conducting or engaging in discourses. 

The members selected to join the team shall be provided with an active role in at least one of the currently undergoing projects. We are curren
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'संवैधानिक परिषद् सम्बन्धी अध्यादेश, २०७७' सम्बन्धी प्रेस विज्ञप्ति

Tue Dec 15 2020

आज मिति २०७७ साल मङ्सिर ३० गते राष्ट्रपति विद्यादेवी भण्डारीले नेपालको संविधानको धारा ११४ को उपधारा (१) बमोजिम मन्त्रिपरिषद्को सिफारिसमा संवैधानिक परिषद् (काम, कर्तव्य, अधिकार र कार्यविधि) सम्बन्धी (पहिलो संशोधन) अध्यादेश,२०७७ जारी गर्नुभएको सम्बन्धमा पालुवा प्लिडर्सको गम्भीर ध्यानाकर्षण भएको छ ।संसद अधिवेशन नरहेको मौकामा संसदको अधिवेशन बोलाउनुको सट्टा संचारमाध्यम मार्फत जानकारी हुन आए अनुसार आकस्मिक रुपमा बसेको भनिएको मन्त्रीपरिषद् बैठकमा उक्त विषय छलफल नभएको, परिषद्को बिहान बसेको अनौपचारिक बैठकमा विपक्षी दलका नेताले अध्यादेश ल्याए आफ्नो समर्थन नहुने तथा संसद अधिवेशन बोलाउनुपर्ने बाध्यात्मक अ
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पालुवा दिवसको अवसरमा जारी गरिएको प्रेस विज्ञप्ति

Fri Dec 04 2020

कानूनको अनुसन्धान तथा विमर्शका क्षेत्रमा विशेष पहल गर्ने उद्देश्यका साथ मुनाफा वितरण नगर्ने कम्पनीका रुपमा पालुवा प्लिडर्स विधिवत् रुपमा दर्ता भएको एक वर्ष पुरा भएको छ।प्राज्ञिक विमर्श र शोध संस्कृतिको उन्नयनमा डटिरहने अथाह उत्साह र उत्कट अभिलाषाका साथ केही अघि देखि नै कार्यरत रहेको भए तापनि औपचारिक रुपमा भने आजको दिनबाट पालुवाले पहिलो शिशिर-वसन्त छिचोलेको छ।दोस्रो वर्षका नयाँ मुनाहरु पलाउँदै गर्दा गत वर्षको समीक्षा तथा आगामी दिनहरुको लागि निर्देशन प्राप्त गर्नका निमित्त न्याय क्षेत्रका तमाम सरोकारवालाहरुको इजलासमा उपस्थित भएका छौँ।

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कोभिड-१९ को परीक्षण तथा उपचारको खर्च सम्बन्धमा प्रेस विज्ञप्ति - ३ कात्तिक, २०७७

Mon Oct 19 2020

मितिः २०७७/०७/०३

कोभिड-१९ को वैश्विक महामारीबाट नेपाल पनि आक्रान्त भएको छ । लामो समयदेखि शिक्षा, स्वास्थ्य, रोजगार एवं दैनिक जनजीवन प्रभावित भइरहँदा समेत आम नागरिक सरकारको अभिभावकत्वबाट वञ्चित भई गुजारा चलाउन बाध्य भएका छन् । महामारीका कारण अदालत पनि संकुचित अवस्थामा संचालित भएको ७ महिना भइसकेको छ । जनताको न्यायको हक प्रभावित भइरहेको यस महामारीको समयमा पनि अदालतले स्वास्थ्यको हकलाई तत्काल सुनिश्चित गर्न सरकारका नाममा पटक पटक परमादेश, निर्देशनात्मक आदेश एवं ध्यानाकर्षण समेत गरिरहेको छ । तर, न
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Press Release - Constitution Day, 2077

Sat Sep 19 2020

Paluwa congratulates people of Nepal on the joyous occasion of the 5th Constitution Day. This marks the victory of Nepalese people in the 7 decades long struggle to exercise their sovereign power in drafting their own law of the land.

However, Paluwa urges that we must not forget the qualms of dissidents and those, among us, who are discontent with the constitution. While celebrating the constitution, discontent must not be dismissed with a light remark that 'they have informally adopted the constitution'. Or else, we shall fail the constitutional ideal of inclusive and participatory democracy. Debate and discourse on both the provisions and the spirit must be carried out every single day so that more and more voices can be incorporated and reforms based on practical experience can be made in the constitution. This can be done via periodic review based on agreement forged between the partisan views,
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Member Selection Notice

Sun Jul 05 2020

Paluwa Pleaders is pleased to announce the results of our call for membership. We are grateful to all the applicants for their interest in our organization. The applications, in both number and quality, far exceeded our expectations, so much so that we ended up increasing our earlier estimated number of ‘just a handful’. We are humbled by the time and effort that each of the applicants have invested in coming up with such outstanding submissions. It has reminded us of our passion and fueled us further for more concerted and dedicated efforts in the direction of realizing our objectives.
After long hours of an extremely strenuous task of picking and choosing the best candidates from meritorious applicants in a bottleneck of a competition, for this intake, we ended up selecting the following candidates, from a pool of applicants many times more the selected number, to join us in our quest of “Re-Searching the Law”:

  1. Bidhan Rijal
  2. <
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Call For Membership

Sat Jun 27 2020

Paluwa Pleaders is excited to invite legal research enthusiasts on board in our quest of promoting and institutionalizing the culture of legal research and discourse in Nepal. We seek dynamic individuals that are dedicated to and/or have proven record of experience and skillset in socio­-legal research, advocacy, leadership, organization and conducting or engaging in discourses.
As Paluwa Pleaders is within first year of its establishment, only a handful candidates shall be selected. The members selected to join the team shall be provided with active role in at least one of currently undergoing projects. We are currently active in publication (Legal Dialectics Review, Yearbook of Nepalese Laws, soon to be launched blog and periodic publications), various extensive research and consultation projects, social and policy advocacy, organizing events (Dialectic Discourse, Vidhi Vimarsha, Experience: The Life of Law, Lecture Series) and community based programs.

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Press Release

Wed Dec 18 2019

Paluwa Pleaders and students studying law across universities are deeply concerned by the events unfolding in India, particularly the recently adopted amendment in citizenship laws and protests thereto. We express our concerns in the following points.

  1. Prima facie, it may be seen as a just move by the government, where it proposes to provide citizenship to those who have been residing in India illegally because they fear for being persecuted in their original country on the basis of religion. However, it is vehemently criticized for transgressing the ‘basic structure’ jurisprudence of the Indian Constitution for, secularism has remained as the basic tenet of the preamble in Indian Constitution as inserted by the forty-second amendment of the Constitution. Secularism as a ‘basic structure’ was also judicially recognized in S.R Bommai v. UOI and also recently in Ayodhya verdict. Recently amended section 2(l) in clause(b)of the
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