Political Plague

By Manish Lamichhane on Sat Oct 07 2023

A lot of the controversies and conflicts have been highlighted in the recent development of the country. These symbolize that a lot of things are not going well. Major three organs of the state are in regular conflicts and interferences in the works of one another. The corruption is at the peak. The basic principles of constitution including the constitutionalism, separation of power, rule of law, independent judiciary have been largely affected negatively. These are the basic structures of the constitution that must be protected to ensure that the constitution is protected. However, there have been the consistent attacks on the constitution, and this is not to be blamed to the few political leaders or few political parties, rather to majority people of Nepal including the intellectuals, experts and the ordinary citizens.

Country is plagued by politics. Each field and each work is being affected politically. There might be an argument that we are the political animal and we are one way or the other always affected politically. But this scene is different. We are losing our direction and are being heavily affected by politics in each field. There is no reliable source of media anymore, the news and contents are either filled with propagandas or the techniques of crowd gatherers.  What the most heartbreaking thing is the political plague in the education of the state. Our education system is in the dire need of deconstruction and reconstruction, thanks to increasing corruption and power play of the politics in the institutions, which includes the active role of the administration, teachers and the students themselves, instead of trying to upgrade the educational level. They are utterly politicized where the positions and the memberships are politically divided. I want to emphasize that the work and the politics must be so separated that the work is never influenced or biased based on the political interests of the political parties.

Most of the problems in the country are usually blamed and associated with the political failure of the political leaders. The public health facilities are not good, politics corrupted. Education is declining, politics corrupted. Judiciary cannot be trusted, politics corrupted. The garbage cannot be managed, politics corrupted.  The economic failure, politics corrupted. There is flood, politics corrupted. There is poverty, politics corrupted. Every problem and issue, it is politics. It is definitely true too. But my real question is why are we allowing this to happen. The recent trends of the writers, actors, entrepreneurs, media persons jumping on the fire of the politics suggest the same. They have now understood that if change can be brought, then it is through politics. But I wonder what if each and every person engaged in their field performs their activities independently, putting aside their political ideologies at the time of their work.  The politics in Nepal is being over rated; as a result it is being able to corrupt everywhere. What if, to become the judges of the courts in judiciary, one need not back up of the political party? What if, to become the student leader, one need not be the pawn of the political party?

But we have lost the morality. All these failures and these problems are the culture developed recently by ourselves. We, all are by one way or the other politically corrupted. We know what is right from wrong, but we will keep defending ourselves and putting all the blames on the others. When we corrupt, it's not a big deal because it is convenient and profitable to us. We are the corruptors of the democracy. In democracy, people rule. So, it is the people who are to be blamed. In politics, morality is the essence, and our politics has lost that element. Our political leaders, they have no any ethical and moral values. Moreover, the people have lost the direction of their political moral and values too. That's why we fail, that's why democracy fails. Question yourselves. Political morality is the essence in today's political plague of our country.

We can realize that there has been the situation of ambivalence, which is why there have been more echoes of the need to re-establish the monarchial system in the country. Well, I cannot deny their one of the reasons - the need of the supreme authority to regulate the political leaders and their actions. But such regulation should not be by some monarch. To re-cultivate monarchy will be just another attack on the democracy. Regulation should be by the people themselves. The politics and the political leaders must be accountable towards the people. People can ensure that and it is how democracy is maintained. All I can see is the better future, but there is a greater task at first, to get rid of this giant problem of political plague. Let there be the competitive multi-party democracy for better country than the competitive multi-party politics for power.

Manish Lamichhane is currently studying in B.A.LL.B. 4th Semester at Nepal Law Campus.

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