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Manish Lamichhane, an avid reader, is currently a B.A.LL.B. student at Nepal Law Campus. He is always full of optimism and energy, and likes to be on the good side of things.

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Political Plague

Posted by Manish Lamichhane on Sat Oct 07 2023

Often the problems in our nations are pointed toward the political failure, and it is essential to understand why the political factors are affecting drastically in every field whether that is education, health, judiciary and many others. The political morality and conscience of reasoning is must in not only the leaders but also the members of the nation, in order to play their respective role to uplift the nation. The article tries to reflects this need of political morality and conscience.

Freedom of opinions and expression in Nepal

Posted by Manish Lamichhane on Sun Sep 26 2021

Protection of freedom of opinions and expression is a growing concern in Nepal, and various questions arise regarding the restrictions, whether such restrictions are justified and reasonable. The Constitution of Nepal has guaranteed the right to freedom of opinions and expression as fundamental right, yet the government is not able to provide the confidence to the people regarding the free expression. This article portrays the conditions and development of freedom of opinions and expression in Nepal, emphasizing on the need to ensure more protection.

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