Paluwa Pleaders

Paluwa Pleaders is a Profit Not Distributing Company established, originally, as an initiative of law students to encourage the culture of research and discussion beyond textbooks. It seeks to make efforts towards promoting rigorous legal scholarship alongside engaging in policy advocacy, legislative consultations, pro-bono/public interest lawyering and legal aid to needy communities, where need be.


Legal Research

To foster and institutionalize legal research and discourses in Nepal, and provide opportunities to present and publish the findings/papers.

Legal Scholarship

To make an effort towards quality legal scholarship by publishing research papers, articles, books and the outcomes of discourses periodically after subjecting them to a stringent peer review process.

Policy Advocacy

To make a cogent reservoir of ideas for policy advocacy and legal reform.

Legal Awareness

To undertake legal reform projects, legislative consultations, analysis of and recommendations on bills and laws, jurimetrics and case laws.

Socio-Legal Activism

To take legal education outside dogmatic views of curriculum into the broader aspects of empirical, argumentative, reform oriented and multidisciplinary studies.

Our Projects

Dialectic Discourse
Vidhi Vimarsha
The Life of Law
Lecture Series
Legal Aid